Hygienic industrial controllers, with high IP protection and stainless steel finishes. Powerful programmable controllers with display suitable for pharmaceutical and food industrial environments.



Larraioz Elektronika's HIPC Industrial Hygienic Controllers


Within the area of personalised products for machinery and control processes, there are different sectors in which these requirements of customisation are more necessary and important, if possible. This is the case of industries such as food, beverage or pharmacy and chemistry, among others, where there are very different ranges of requirements as regards the need for having a viewing and hygienic, inert and non-polluting product.



The line of Larraioz Elektronika of Hygienic Industrial Panel Controllers (HIPC) covers a wide spectrum of needs for truly hygienic systems, with high IP protection and stainless steel finishes of different alloys. Both the panel-typedesign, with hygienic finish only from the front, and the hanging system for installing on an arm with upper, lower, back or lateral entry, are completely finished in stainless steel except for the frontal touch interface.



All the automation power of the MIPC Panel PC series is now built in stainless steel with hygienic design within the HIPC family and maintaining all the automation features, for HMI applications and as well as for PLC or programmable controller in real time, with Friendly programming in IEC61131-3 languages to integrate control, visualization, motion/CNC processes, industrial field buses or OPC UA connectivity, among many other features.



Now powerful industrial automation devices for demanding environments and hygienic design requirements. A good finish is not always a synonym of expensive.





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