LPC Process Controller

Control system for deformation process for cold and hot deformation. Connectivity, monitoring, parameter evaluation, history and multifunction counters, all with the powerful technical service required in this sector.



LPC Larraioz Elektronika LPC Process Controller

One of the strongest industries of our productive sector is that of the manufacturers of parts produced by different processes of cold and hot deformation, stamping, threading, punching, pressing, etc. Many large and small manufacturers produce millions of parts of all types for different sectors such as automobile, train, aeronautics and household appliances, among others.


Larraioz Elektronika designs, manufactures and gives integral technical support to the monitoring system of LPC2G forces, in both electronic equipment and in the software application and sensor solutions. An extensive knowledge of the needs and difficulties of the operators and of the production and quality managers of the deformation processes allows Larraioz Elektronika design, produce and maintain a solution of very high quality.


larraioz elektronika lpc controladores de procesos de deformación


In addition to the need for quality equipment that fulfils the requirements for which it was conceived, in the case of the stamping, threading or punching client, the areais fundamental of technical service that is capable of responding to the possible problems that arise, such as technical consultations and advice on the optimal form of controlling and monitoring a process and the repair of a breakage in the installation of the sensors and electronic equipment in case of breakdown.


Larraioz Elektronika does not only design and produce exclusive equipment but it understands that proximity with the client and a quality service and support is fundamental for the complete satisfaction of the client. A team of highly qualified and experienced personnel during years in this type of systems and processes maintains in correct functioning the LPC16 and LPC2G equipment, with a fast and effective response to the clients’ needs for solution.


Larraioz Elektronika has developed its own technology after years of experience in the deformation sector, complemented by the high qualification of the most solvent assistance service.






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