Takebishi: connectivity solutions for Industry 4.0

TAKEBISHI - Larraioz Distribuidor Oficial

Takebishi Corporation is a Japanese technological trading company that strives to provide global solutions using innovative technology and the highest quality, being this the distinguishing mark of companies in that country. Takebishi Corporation’s main business areas are the following:


  • Automation and industrial equipment.
  • Semiconductors and devices.
  • Social infrastructure
  • Information and communication equipment.

Takebishi Corporation’s philosophy is to create a bright future by connecting people and technology with confidence.


One of the business areas with the highest growth and future expectations is the connectivity solutions for Industry 4.0.


OPC servers, direct competitors from Kepware with its KEPServerEX license and Matrikon with its OPC server MatrikonOPC, among others, as well as Gateway devices, which integrate the OPC server and MQTT Publishing in a single compact Hardware device, are the ideal platforms to interconnect PLCs, machines and robots both with cloud services and with different HMI, Scada, ERP, MES, and other data visualization and analysis solutions on the market, with the highest quality and unbeatable costs.


Takebishi Corporation was originally established in 1926 as Kusasa Shougyou Co., Ltd. in the city of Osaka. Due to the close relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation it was decided to change the name of the company to Takebishi in 1930. In 1963 the head office was moved to Kyoto where it remains until today. Takebishi Corporation has multiple subsidiaries around the world, among which Takebishi Europe B.V. was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2014.


We offer the solution to a segment of the market seeking the reliability and quality of Japanese excellence, now also in Europe with OPC server solutions and Gateways from Takebishi and its official partner Larraioz Elektronika.

DxpSERVER: OPC Server software (UA)
DxpSERVER: OPC Server software (UA)

OPC Server (UA) for MS Windows. Industrial connectivity with more than 150 controllers such as PLCs and robots. Standardization to use with Scada or ERP/MES systems such as SAP/R3.

DeviceGateway: IoT gateway unit for industry 4.0.
DeviceGateway: IoT gateway unit for industry 4.0.

Compact gateway device. Bridge between the smart factory and the IoT service platforms. DeviceGateway supports connection with over 150 different industrial devices, OPC UA, MQTT and other more IoT protocols.

DxpLOGGER: Data Logging compatible OPC
DxpLOGGER: Data Logging compatible OPC

OPC data logging software package. Recorded data, real-time alarms, historical, graphs and trends both in various formats of Database and CSV.