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Conditions of the service:
Fill out this form, providing the most information possible with respect to the equipment failure, in this way you will facilitate a more efficient and economic service. The complexity of some equipment makes checking all the functionalities unfeasible; remember this when describing the breakdown.

  • This form shall be sent accepting the service conditions.
  • The material shall be sent duly packaged and protected, with freight paid to the following address:
    Larraioz Elektronika
    Francisco Aristeguieta Centro Tecnológico (FACT)
    GI-3162 (Zarautz – Urdaneta) km 2.2. E-20809 AIA (Gipuzkoa), Spain.
  • The possible transport incidents (losses or breakage) will be the responsibility of the requesting party.
  • Upon receiving the material and this form, a repair number will be assigned and an estimate will be prepared and sent to the e-mail provided in the form.
  • If the estimate is approved, the material will be available for shipping following the period indicated in the estimate.
  • If the estimate is not approved or the equipment cannot be repaired, LARRAIOZ ELEKTRONIKA will recycle it without generating an additional cost for the client.
  • If the estimate is not approved or the equipment cannot be repaired and the client requests the return of the parts, €120 will be charged for analysis and evaluation of the breakdown. We cannot guarantee that the equipment is returned in the same condition as it arrived.
  • At 45 days from sending the estimate and if no confirmation is received, the equipment will be scrapped.
  • The work and material used in the repair and put into place in our premises are guaranteed for 6 months. The guarantee is on the repair made and not on the product or its functioning outside the repair.
  • Urgent or priority repair request will entail a surcharge of 20% on the estimate value or a minimum of €200 (when the amount of the surcharge does not reach this amount).
  • In the event that the request or service is signed by a legal entity, the granted consent by the authorized figure for the purposes stated in the article 21 of Law 34/2002, shall be understood as given both in its own name and in the name of the represented legal entity.

* I have read and accepted the service conditions. I give express consent so that the data of this form is included into the files owned by Larraioz Electrónica Industrial S.L. The data will be used so that Larraioz Electrónica Industrial S.L., can give a correct provision of the service requested by the client.

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