Electric motion solutions, from simple lineal electric actuators to the most complex industrial robots. The best and most complete portfolio in the market designed for efficient and controlled motion. The right solution for each application: From the small to the ultra-heavy loads, high accuracy, slow or extremely dynamic moves, dirty or dangerous environments,…

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Industrial robots for different applications: palletising, manipulating, assembling, pick and place, paint, medicine and pharmacy… Complete functionality and great facility of use.

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Tubular linear servomotors, rotolinear motors, magnetic springs, servocontrollers. Linear and rotary actuators of high dynamics, IP67, stainless steel, ATEX, for the most complex applications.

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Linear and rotary electric actuators, Cartesian and Scara industrial robots. Great performance at low cost, simplicity of handling, substitution of pneumatic cylinders

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Linear and rotary electric actuators. Great forces, up to 450000N, substitution of hydraulic devices, mechanics of transmission, servomotors, controllers.

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Electric actuators with mobile coils. High accelerations and speeds, high resolution of position, speed and force, rotolinear units, threading verification, soft landing.




Machines already have arms and hands. Now they need eyes too. The artificial vision it’s an essential tool for robots and actuators with which we are able to determine where the pieces to handle are, and if they are the appropiate and right ones.

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Industrial vision solutions.




Machine control platforms, both hardware and software devices. Larraioz Automation offers automation and control programmable devices, issuing the intelligence that processes need. A broad range of programmable Panel PC solutions in real time, for the different power requirements, monitoring and industrial communication processes.

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The comprehensive software suite for automation technology. The platform is based on the CODESYS Development System, an IEC 61131-3 programming tool.



Personalised industrial controllers, customised CPUs with or without displays.



Hygienic industrial controllers, with high IP protection and stainless steel finishes.



Effort process control system for cold and hot deformation. Connectivity, monitoring and parameter evaluation, track record and multifunction counter, and with the required realiable technical support.



Industrial CPU design and industrialization, programmable with the machine manufacturer requirements. The OEM determines the technical requirements and the platform roadmap.

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Perfection in Automation. Constant availability of wide range of product lines, application support, repairs, continuous stock of obsolete series.



Specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing transducers, sensors and control equipment for operating machines.




IIoT software solutions, visualization, productivity and sustainability with real time access to data and databases. Visualize, historize, analyze and mobilize the information.

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Software of industrial supervision and control, Scada, 3D, OPC clients, analytical tools, real time viewing of processes and systems, data loggingof data, trends, GEOscada, redundancy.

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Software and hardware industrial communication solutions for more than 150 marketed devices. Leading supplier of OPC - OPC UA connectivity.