Introducing products or components on the market is only a complement to the work of Larraioz Elektronika, whose true purpose is to offer solutions to its clients.


When we speak about “solutions” we really mean the entire complexity of the word: high performance and quality products, broad knowledge and their support, efficient logistics, permanent stock, competitive prices and, most importantly, enormous human force capable of solving the most complex automation needs.


Larraioz Elektronika has a highly qualified human team to provide the best support, consulting and necessary technical assistance during the life of the product, thefore that it is truly a solution to a technological need.


The technical service of Larraioz Elektronika has an organised team of professionals with great experience and knowledge of its solutions in the different branches of automation, mechatronics and robotics, in the most diverse applications and in any sector of application.
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Larraioz Elektronika, in parallel to the academy of mechatronics and robotics, we regularly program and develop technical training courses for maintenance personnel as well as for development and application engineers. The education and training courses can be developed with our usual schedules, in our dedicated facilities or planned on demand and custom-tailored, in their work centers and with a personalized program. Ver más


Repair service in Larraioz’s premises. The most efficient diagnoses and repairs in time and cost are done at the central headquarters of Larraioz Elektronika in Aia, where it has the most specialised tools and an important warehouseof spare parts that allow the repair of equipment and systems with great agility.


In the warehouses of Larraioz Elektronika’s repair department, there is constantly a multitude of electronic components, displays, touch glass or complete modules necessary for the majority of the repairs undertaken with assiduity by the team.

For cases of extreme urgency and when there is availability in its premises, Larraioz Elektronika has a rotation service for some components by which an operative component is delivered immediately and the damaged product is received from the client for its repair and subsequent incorporation to the Larraioz Elektronika warehouse.