Industrial robots for different applications: palletising, manipulating, assembling, pick and place, paint, medicine and pharmacy… Complete functionality and great facility of use.   Read more >

Tubular linear servomotors, rotolinear motors, magnetic springs, servocontrollers. Linear and rotary actuators of high dynamics, IP67, stainless steel, ATEX, for the most complex applications.    Read more >

Linear and rotary electric actuators, Cartesian and Scara industrial robots. Great performance at low cost, simplicity of handling, substitution of pneumatic cylinders.   Read more >

Linear and rotary electric actuators. Great forces, up to 450000N, substitution of hydraulic devices, mechanics of transmission, servomotors, controllers.   Read more >

Electric actuators with mobile coils. High accelerations and speeds, high resolution of position, speed and force, rotolinear units, threading verification, soft landing.  Read more >

Industrial vision solutions.   Read more >

The comprehensive software suite for automation technology. The platform is based on the CODESYS Development System, an IEC 61131-3 programming tool.    Read more >

Automation and control programmable devices.    Read more >

Software of industrial supervision and control, Scada, 3D, OPC clients, analytical tools, real time viewing of processes and systems, data loggingof data, trends, GEOscada, redundancy.   Read more >

Software and hardware industrial communication solutions for more than 150 marketed devices.  Read more >

Specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing transducers, sensors and control equipment for operating machines.  Read more >

Perfection in Automation. Constant availability of wide range of product lines, application support, repairs, continuous stock of obsolete series.  Read more >