In our almost 30 years of experience in the automation industry and working together with machinery manufacturers, we have learned that we must meet some requirements in order to be successful integrating the latest technologies in the automation processes:


  • Experience in the automation process
  • Best selection and use of components
  • Detecting difficulties in the proposal phase
  • Flawless performance

    LMT is built with companies and professionals with service vocation that meet the requirements stated above, to who we train and guide so we can offer to the industry the best and most efficient solutions in automation, robotics, and controlled motion.


    If you are in the design stage of a new manufacturing process or you want to improve an existing one, we provide our experience in order to advise you technically. If you are in need of an integrator and the best technologies we offer you our LMSIT (Larraioz Mechatronic System Integrator) program, within which the most appropiate partner to implement the solution will be selected.



    Increase of the turnover figure of the team
    Advanced technical training
    Special prices
    Commercial product training
    Active marketing from Larraioz
    Technical supervision, video presence, latest news


    To sort out all the previously mentioned challenges
    To exceed in each partners limitations
    To be a synonym for excellence in the market
    Transfer innovative solutions to the industry
    To help grow our industry while we grow ourselves
    Becoming a technological partner for the client
    To avoid industry relocation



    Being sound to achieve TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE

    Focused on being LOYAL TO THE CLIENT, not on the occasional sale

    And… What do they think about the Larraioz Mechatronic Team?

    Carsten Stumpf is the Managing Director of Kawasaki Robotics GmbH.

    A great team with the Larraioz support and experience that provides the best mechatronic solutions

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