Larraioz Elektronika is composed of highly qualified professionals in industrial automation who focus their activity on the following fields:

  • Intelligent automation of machines and processes.
  • Motion, mechatronics, linear and rotary actuators, servoactuators.
  • Robotics, Scara Robot, Delta Robot, 6-axis Robot.
  • HMI, friendly interfaces for the operator.
  • Communications, field buses, real time networks.
  • PCC applications, PLC, industrial software.
  • Consultancy and training in the area of automation and mechatronics.
  • Development of customized hardware/software (Embedded Solutions).


Larraioz Electronica Industrial was formed as a fusion of experience and innovative spirit. It is the mix of nearly 30 years of hard work at the service of the industry, continuously researching on new products and markets, and developing, when necessary, its own solutions to efficiently solve the most complex tasks of automation, mechatronics and robotics.



Instalaciones de Larraioz Elektronika en Aia



Automation solutions for machines and processes
When we speak about “solutions” we really mean the entire complexity of the word: high performance and quality products, broad knowledge and their support, efficient logistics, permanent stock, competitive prices and, most importantly, enormous human force capable of solving the most complex automation needs.


The impossible is also a level of difficulty
Because where others are incapable is where Larraioz Elektronika shines the brightest. All parameters are taken into consideration to offer the most appropriate solution; knowledge, consultancy, technical support, repairments, logistics, cost… because Larraioz Elektronika is very close to its clients and their needs.


Our customers are our best endorsement
Larraioz Elektronika is a reliable and prestigious company in industrial automation, mechatronics and robotics, with a great innovative ambition and vocation for continuity. Even 30 years later, Larraioz Elektronika keeps having a solution of continuity for its customers on the first “automation solutions”. This is one of the many reasons why its former clients continue being so at present.




Commercial Service DepartmentDepartamento de ingeniería en Larraioz ElektronikaDepartamento de innovación en Larraioz ElektronikaDepartamento de logística de Larraioz ElektronikaDepartamento de visualización en Larraioz ElektronikaServicio de Asistencia Técnica en Larraioz Elektronika








These are some of the departments that comprise Larraioz Elektronika:
Commercial Service Department: Consultations of quotations.
Logistics Department: Orders, warehouse, consultations of availability.
Administration Department:
Human Resources Department: Job bank, reception of curriculum vitae.
Engineering Department: Hardware and software support, real time buses, industrial operative systems, automation and control.
Innovation Department: New developments, embedded technology, product customization.
Motion Department: Servodrives, linear and rotary electrical actuators, industrial robotics.
Visualization Department: HMI, supervision software, Scada, OPC communication, energy management tools, productivity control.
Technical Assistance Department: Repairs, upgrades, obsolete product lines.