Payload up to 80kg. Setting the benchmark in its class. Higher speed and longer reach in a compact design

Consola de programación Kawasaki roboticsHigh Performance Controllers for Kawasaki Industrial Robots

Kawasaki robots’ controller combines high performance, unprecedented reliability, a host of integrated features and simple operation all in a compact design. The enhanced CPU capacity allows for more accurate trajectory control and faster application program execution.

All Kawasaki robot controllers (except D60/D61 for clean room robots) implement a full digital servo drive system and a color programming teach pendant (except of duAro). Programming can be done by easy operation teaching and blocks or by AS language programming, over a 8Mb memory capacity. Kawasaki robot controllers include 32 input channels and 32 output channels, expandable up to 96 input and 96 output channels.

The teach pendant boasts a signifi¬cantly lighter body with an optimized weight balance that reduces the burden of teaching work. The operator can now switch on the motors and activate the cycle start all from the teach pendant. In addition, new features such as the easy-to-navigate screen and switch layout allow for a more convenient control system. Two information windows can be displayed simultaneously on the monitor screen, providing access to different type of information (e.g. positional information and signal information).

Controlador universal de robot KawasakiThe E0X controllers are standard for world-wide use and available for multiple primary power supply voltages with a separate transformer unit. Achieve extremely compact design, compared to E2X/3X/4X controllers. The E03 controller, for use on palletizing robots, has an electricity regeneration function that reduces energy consumption.

The E7X controllers are extremely compact, and specially designed for small robot arms (RS03N, 05N, 05L, 06L and 10N). Though compact in design, these controllers offer high performance and expandability.

The E9X controllers are extremely compact, and specially designed for medium robot arms (Y-series, RS10L and RS20N). This compact size enables it to be installed vertically or horizontally in practically any location, such as under a conveyor or on an arm mount rack.

E4x (for Europe), E3x (for America) and E1x/E2x (for Asia) controllers are optimum controllers for each region’s primary power supply voltage and have high expandability and maintainability. E45/E47 controllers (for Europe) are for explosion-proof painting robots with a new explosion-proof teach pendant featuring a color LCD, Programming and editing work can efficiently be carried out from inside the explosion-proof paint booth.

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