Clean Robots

NT Series Robots
Clean rooms ISO class 1
Payload up to 80kg. Setting the benchmark in its class. Higher speed and longer reach in a compact designFor semiconductor and electronic industrialization lines. Wide range of clean robots, different articulated robotic arms

Robot kawasaki para salas blancasHigh Performance Specialized Handling Robot for Semiconductors

Kawasaki offers a full line of industry-leading semiconductor and electronics handling robots. These robots are built for use in cleanroom applications, including ISO Class 1. Speed, accuracy, and reach make these robots ideal for handling delicate semiconductor wafers, LCD panels, organic EL, and solar panels.

NT series semiconductor robot can be used with up to 4 FOUPs with no track (option for up to 5 FOUPs).Single robot that can access all the EFEMs, and can be used with between 2 to 4 FOUPs without a track. Adding the special option enables the robot to be used with 5 FOUPs. The same robot currently being used for 300 mm wafers can also be used for 450 mm wafers.

Typical Applications:

  • Material Handling
  • Semiconductors
  • LCD Panels
  • EL Organic
  • Solar Panels

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SeriesNumber of axesReach (mm)Repeatability ( wafer center) (mm)
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