The technical service of Larraioz Elektronika has an organised team of professionals with great experience and knowledge of its solutions in the different branches of automation, mechatronics and robotics, in the most diverse applications and in any sector of application.


The Larraioz team also has the technical and human means necessary for the efficient diagnosis of the problem and the search for the most appropriate solution.

Asistencia técnica



The most efficient diagnoses and repairs in time and cost are done at the central headquarters of Larraioz Elektronika in Aia, where it has the most specialised tools and an important warehouseof spare parts that allow the repair of equipment and systems with great agility. Larraioz has ample repair means for the components of industrial automation, control, viewing and motion with which it works, providing service with the newest products as well as the first ones that were introduced to the market 30 years ago.


For this reason, it has static controlled areas, a white room for delicate components and elements that are sensitive to dust and to humidity and the most advanced Rework tools for the most complex SMD components with which to substitute damaged encapsulated BGA, LFBGA, QFN or 0402. It also uses lines of cleaning by ultrasound, vacuum drying, test areas for load, pressure, acceleration or vibration,…in summary, the most up-to-date means available on the market along with a highly experienced and qualified team to try to achieve the highest success rate in a fast resolution to the problem presented by a breakdown.

In the warehouses of Larraioz Elektronika’s repair department, there is constantly a multitude of electronic components, displays, touch glass or complete modules necessary for the majority of the repairs undertaken with assiduity by the team.


For cases of extreme urgency and when there is availability in its premises, Larraioz Elektronika has a rotation service for some components by which an operative component is delivered immediately and the damaged product is received from the client for its repair and subsequent incorporation to the Larraioz Elektronika warehouse.

We repair equipment and systems of the following brands and models.


For any consultation or request, please write to our technical assistance service