DxpSERVER: OPC Server software (UA)

OPC Server (UA) for MS Windows. Industrial connectivity with more than 150 controllers such as PLCs and robots. Standardization to use with Scada or ERP/MES systems such as SAP/R3.

DxpSERVER takebishi larraioz elektronika software de servidor opc

DxpServer , also known as DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, is Takebishi’s OPC Server software for MS Windows operating system that provides industrial connectivity with controllers that operates in industrial production systems, such as PLC, CNC and robotsDxpSERVER communicates with those controllers through different networks, Ethernet and Serial among others.


DxpSERVER supports connectivity with a wide range of over 150 different industrial controllers. With a similar concept to its competitors KEPServerEX (Kepware) and MatrikonOPC (Matrikon) in a perpetual license mode with hardware key, but with significantly lower costs. Takebishi’s OPC Server, is the ideal solution for new applications and OPC needs as well as those experienced users working with both Kepware and Matrikon.


The information collection system from the controllers in a plant, can be developed very easily since DxpSERVER supports communication with various PLCs, CNC systems, industrial robots, regulation devices, RFID, barcode readers, marker displays, etc.


OPC (Ole for Process Control) is a standard interface specification for communication between applications in manufacturing industry systems. OPC has a server-client architecture. The OPC server communicates with field devices such as PLCs and robots. The OPC client provides various functions based on the equipment data acquired from the OPC Server. The OPC standard defines these interface specifications. By developing under OPC systems, the engineering cost of the dependency between the production line and the IT system is reduced.


The virtues of the OPC standard are enhanced in those cases where different brands and models of PLC coexist in the same network, or different clients such as Scada visualization software or data analysis software. As neither specific driver is required to connect to devices, nor make any modifications on PLCs configuration and programming, OPC architecture is the perfect solution for universal communications for industrial environments.


OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) is an open protocol and independent platform (hardware/operating system). TC/IP Binary communication as well as the communication XML from SOAP can be used efficiently; while at the same time can be embedded in an HW device. Coding technology is also specified in OPC UA, therefore OPC UA is attracting attention as a key component of the control system with increasing interest from a security point of view.


DxpSERVER, plays a key role in disseminating the next generation UPC UA specification, as the first general purpose OPC UA software in Asia.


  DxpSERVER Datasheet

  DxpSERVER user’s guide


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