DeviceGateway: IoT gateway unit for industry 4.0.

Compact gateway device. Bridge between the smart factory and the IoT service platforms. DeviceGateway supports connection with over 150 different industrial devices, OPC UA, MQTT and other more IoT protocols.

Takebishi’s DeviceGateway is the perfect device to collect information and production data and make the gateway to IoT services. In this way, the construction of an IoT system is carried out in a short time and with little effort.


DeviceGateway takebishi larraioz elektronika opc industry4.0

Easy to use, can be easily configured using a web browser, DeviceGateway is optimized for use in embedded applications and embedded systems due to its compact size. It is also suitable for replacing specific systems based on PC under MS Windows.

DeviceGateway takebishi larraioz elektronika industry 4.0 data loggin opc

RegardingOPC-UA connectivity, recommended standard for Industry 4.0, DeviceGateway is compatible with more than 150 different devices. On the other hand, the MQTT protocol support is the optimal connection solution for IoT and M2M.


The DeviceGateway can be applied to any field.


Within the industrial range, it improves productivity by connecting the factory and IoT service.


In the social area, DeviceGateway also makes lifestyle smarter by communicating with offices and building automation devices.


Main features


Communication with devices:
Suitable for communicating with industrial equipment, health devices, home, offices and buildings. Optionally, the DeviceGateway also includes the position detection functionality.


IoT communication:
Implementation of OPC UA and ECHONET Lite servers and MQTT, HTTP (S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis clients, as well as the HULFT IoT agent.


Cloud systems support (cloud services):
Web services from Amazon, Microsoft Azure, ANYSENCE, IBM Bluemix, among other more cloud service providers.


Event function:
Configuring event settings, so that actions are executed when the trigger is met.


Per cycle, per time, per value change, MQTT received, label alarm change, signal detection, etc.


Repeat, skip, compare, edit text, calculate, get CSV element, get Json elements, write value, send MQTT, send HTTP, send SQL, load FTP, send Kinesis, write file, etc.


User interface:
Configuration of all settings via web browser.


  DeviceGateway Datasheet

  DeviceGateway user’s guide


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