Larraioz Elektronika schedules and programs and routinely carries out technical training courses for maintenance personnel as well as for development and application engineers. The training and qualification courses can be carried out with the usual scheduling of Larraioz Elektronika in its dedicated premises or planned on request and customised for the client, in its work centres and with personalised scheduling.
Cursos de capacitación
These are some of the courses with highest demand:

  • Iconics Genesis32 basic / advanced level
  • Iconics Genesis64 basic / advanced level
  • Iconics Supervision and analysis, basic / advanced level
  • Basics of mechatronics, electrical actuation
  • IAI RoboCylinder
  • IAI Programming Xsel
  • IAI Scara Robotics
  • Kawasaki Delta Robotics
  • Kawasaki Robotics 6/7 Axes
  • Kawasaki Robotic Palletising
  • LinMot, basic / advanced level
  • B&R BlackLine Prosys (for maintenance personnel)
  • B&R BlueLine PG2000 (for maintenance personnel)
  • B&R Automation Software

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