Official Kawasaki Robotics Service Spain

Official and Exclusive Kawasaki Robotics Spain Support and Technical Assistance Service

The Kawasaki robot is characterised by its extreme robustness and reliability, easily exceeding 20 years in production. To ensure its longevity in full performance, it is vital that it is regularly monitored in accordance with the procedures defined by Kawasaki Robotics.


The Spanish Official Technical Service for Kawasaki Robotics offers Kawasaki robot users a quality service, with the peace of mind of being attended by personnel trained by the manufacturer and the use of original spare parts suitable for their specific robot version.


As Kawasaki Robotics Spain, we feel responsible for ensuring that our customers obtain the optimum performance from their machines throughout their operational life. To achieve this, it is necessary to monitor each machine, analyzing the way it is being used, in order to avoid bad practices that could affect the longevity of the robot. This is possible through the diagnostic tools that our technical team has at its disposal, as well as the information available within the worldwide knowledge base that we access as Kawasaki Robotics Spain.


Larraioz Elektronika – Kawasaki Robotics Spain, offers Kawasaki robot users the Official Kawasaki Robotics Maintenance Contract, which provides the following advantages:


Larraioz Official Kawasaki Robotics Service Spain
  • A highly qualified technical team dedicated exclusively to the maintenance and repair of Kawasaki Robots.
  • To be the only official sales channel for original spare parts, and therefore guarantee the authenticity of the spare parts used.
  • Assurance that the procedures applied are correct and determined by the machine manufacturer.
  • A detailed official report with the work carried out and, if appropriate, suggestions for corrective measures.
  • Several regular annual visits during the life of the contract to monitor the correct functioning of the robot.
  • During the term of the contract, you will benefit from discounts on original spare parts, corrective interventions and training courses.
  • Course on basic daily maintenance, handling of teach pendant and backups.
  • A one-year extension of the official warranty on new equipment.


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Our focus is on the robot as a machine, not the process. Therefore, our services do not cover reprogramming tasks or mechanical or electrical work related to the manufacturing process or cell. For these services, please contact your trusted integrator or our network of partners Larraioz Mechatronic System Integrator Team (LMSIT).



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