DxpLOGGER: Data Logging compatible OPC

OPC data logging software package. Recorded data, real-time alarms, historical, graphs and trends both in various formats of Database and CSV.

DxpLOGGER software larraioz elektronika takebishi opc


The DxpLOGGER is a data logging, recording and monitoring software package compatible with the standard OPC. DxpLOGGER supports different database formats, alarm monitoring, real-time/historical trends and a wide variety of writing methods, being able to apply to various fields such as production management, energy monitoring, alarm logging and system traceability.


DxpLOGGER uses the standard industrial OPC as the communication protocol, the ideal solution to develop a highly flexible, scalable and reliable data collection system in conjunction with the OPC DxpSERVER server.


Periodic logging and event logging from the PLC trigger signal are supported. Fast data value changes are collected without loss of information, with capture intervals up to 50 milliseconds.


Logged data can be stored in CSV files as well as in databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL through ODBC driver.


The DxpSERVER data logger incorporates alarm monitoring, trend graphs, reporting functions, and various actions such as uploading / downloading files in a singular way, periodically or by trigger signal.


DxpLOGGER Datasheet

 DxpLOGGER user’s guide


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