Servo Drives

Servo controladores para motores lineales y tubulares, rápida y potente implementación de aplicaciones de automatización.

Servo controlador LinMot

LinMot servo drives are compact positioning controllers with one or more power elements for actuating motors, as well as an intelligent control element with integrated closed-loop position control. The control element handles all of the control and monitoring functions related to the drive. It can use positions defined directly by the overall system controller, or execute internally saved motion profiles using simple analog or digital signals.

The wide variety of servo drive products makes it possible to quickly implement simple applications with two end positions as well as complex, high-precision, multi-axis applications with synchronization to an electronic primary shaft.

LinMot drives cover the full range of power ratings for actuating compact mini-drives with low power at low voltage levels from 24-72 VDC, up to high-power servo motors with direct drive feeds from a three-phase grid of up to 3×480 VAC.


  • Broad range of applications, from point-to-point to complex multi-axis applications
  • Serial communication, fieldbuses, and real-time ETHERNET
  • Run internally saved motion profiles or program sequences
  • Control position, speed, acceleration, and force
  • Integrated safety functions for cutting off the output stage
  • Compact design and simple commissioning

C110 Series


Servocontrolador C1100 LinMot Compact-drive / Point to point


  • Absolute/relative positioning commands
  • Limited jerk motion commands
  • Time curves
  • Real time (streaming)
  • PLC or stand-alone solutions
  • Digital and analog IO´s
  • Safe torque off
  • Safe limited speed ready
  • Interface for optional incremental and absolute sensor
  • Support plug and play
  • UL 508C




pdf C110 Series Servo Drive Catalog

pdf C1100 Series Servo Drive Installation Guide

pdf LinMot Full Catalog



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