ATEX Motors

Safer linear drive at risk of explosion, high dynamic cycles on dangerous environment.

Safer linear drive at risk of explosion

MATEX linear motors
In a surrounding where explosive gases, vapor-air mixture or combustible dust can form, special electric drives are required.
LinMot ATEX, a variant of the linear motors, was been developed for those special conditions.

The motors are completely encapsulated in stainless steel and require no gaskets. All joints are welded. For a complete closure of the motor, the windings and the rest of stators inside are encapsulated with epoxy resin. Thereby, an optimal motor protection is guaranteed and the risk of an outgoing spark is eliminated.
Since in an explosive atmosphere, the surface temperature is of crucial importance, an additional temperature monitoring was integrated into the motor. In addition to the sensors for monitoring the temperature in the stator winding, additional temperature sensors are mounted in the motor housing underneath.
This allows a 2-channel temperature monitoring, where the parent channel interrupts the Drive-feeding in case of overheating.
For the purpose of an increased continuous power, the motors can be equipped with an optional water cooling system.

The ATEX motor family consists of 2 sizes with a wide range of slider lengths. The traversing ranges up to a stroke of 980 mm.

• Stainless steel housing
• Hygienic design
• Welded connections, no gaskets
• Completely encapsulated (IP69K)
• Optional integrated water cooling
• For use in the zones 1/2 (gas)
• Suitable for use in zones 21/22 (dust)

pdf ATEX Linear Motors, installation guide
pdf LinMot Product Overview

SeriesForce cont. (N)Force cont. fluid cooling (N)Force peak (N)Speed max. (m/s)Stroke max. (mm)
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