The accessories that adapt to LinMot linear motors

Accessories from LinMot are matched to our linear motors, allowing rapid and uncomplicated implementation and commissioning of a wide range of tasks. Original motor accessories developed especially for LinMot also guarantees reliable and safe operation of the linear motors.
pdf LinMot product overview

Motor cable

Motor cableFor stationary operation or cable tracks and robot applications

pdf Motor cables, installation guide
pdf Motor cables, datasheet

Connection cable and converter

Connection cable and converterPC configuration cable and interface cable

External position sensor

External position sensor For high precision applications in the micron range and / or absolute Position detection

pdf External position sensors, installation guide
pdf External position sensors, datasheet
pdf Absolute external position sensors, datasheet

Power Supplies

Power Supplies In the power range of 300 W, 500 W, 1000 W

pdf Power supplies 500W, datasheet
pdf Power supplies 1000W, datasheet

Transformer Supplies

Transformer Supplie In the power range of 420 VA / 900 VA / 1500 VA

pdf Transformer supplies, installation guide
pdf Transformer supplies, datasheet

Mounting Flanges

Mounting Flanges Fast motor assembly and optimal cooling

pdf Motor flanges, datasheet


Wipers Protect the stator from dirt

pdf Wipers, datasheet

Slider Mounting

Slider MountingPrevents misalignment

pdf Slider mounting, datasheet


LubricantLubricant for LinMot linear motors

pdf Lubricant, datasheet
pdf Lubricant, safety datasheet

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