Pick & Place Robots

Y Series Robots
2 and 3kg
Ultra high-speed picking robot with renowned Kawasaki product quality and reliability

Robot Pick & Place de Kawasaki RoboticsUltra High-speed Delta Robots

The Y Series Robots are pick and place parallel type robots with the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Kawasaki. The shaft-less design is easy to maintain, simple to program and features industry leading payload capacity, reach and speed.

The ultra-high speed pick & place robot YF003N enables maximum throughput and productivity with cycle times as short as 0.27 seconds (or 222 cycles per minute) for a 1 kg operation. The arm is designed for washdown with acid or alkaline cleaner, making it ideal for food applications that require a hygienic environment.

Typical Applications:

  • Material Handling
  • Assembly

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SeriesDegree of freedomMax. payload (kg)Motion range (mm)Repeatability (mm)Cicle time (payload) (*1)
YS002N42Ø600 x H200 (*2)±0.04 / ±0.10.30s (0.5kg)
0.36s (2.0kg)
YF003N4 (op.5)3Ø1300 x H500 (*3)±0.1 / ±0.10.27s (1.0kg)
0.45s (3.0kg)

(*1) Motion pattern (25mm up, 305mm horizontal, 25mm down in a to-and-fro motion)
(*2) Motion range is changing at H = 150
(*3) Motion range is changing at H = 300

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