Palletizing Robots

CP, ZD and RD Series Robots
80 to 700kg
Kawasaki’s high-speed palletizing robots meet the demands for flexibility and speed

Robot de paletizado de Kawasaki RoboticsHigh Performance Palletizing Robots

Designed specifically for palletizing applications, the Palletizer Series features five unique robots with payload capacity from 80 kg to 700 kg to suit most needs. With industry leading work range and reliability, Kawasaki’s high-speed palletizing robots help companies improve production line efficiency.

The new series CP from Kawasaki Robotics is a great qualitative jump in the conception of a palletizing industrial robot. The redesign of the body shop and the use of latest innovations in motion and controller fields enables the CP robot for the highest dynamic capacity with lowest energy consumption. As an example of these extreme features, CP180L robot is able to execute 2050 cycles/hour (✽1) with a 180kg payload, whereas power regeneration capable E03 controller consumes around 40% less energy than a standard robot in the market.

Typical Applications:

  • Palletizing
  • Depalletizing
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging

pdf RD/ZD/CP series palletizing robots, brochure
pdf Kawasaki Product Overview

SeriesNumber of axesMáx. payload (kg)Reach (mm)RepeatabilityMoment of inertia(kg·m2)Palletizing capacity (cycle/hour)(*1)
ZD130S4 (op. 5)1303255±0.07501700
ZD250S4 (op. 5)2503255±0.51001500
CP180L4 (op. 5)180±0.550 (*2) / 852050 (*2) / 1800
CP300L4 (op. 5)300±0.5100 (*3) / 1401700 (*3) / 1500
CP500L4 (op. 5)500±0.52501000
CP700L4 (op. 5)700±0.5500900

(*1) Motion pattern 400mm up, 2000mm horizontal, 400mm down in a to-and-from motion.
(*2) In case of 130kg payload and less.
(*3) In case of 250kg payload and less.

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