Embedded series

Designed to run on Embedded platforms, solution sets ready to be deployed in robust environments.

GENESIS32 components can easily be deployed on Windows. They have also been designed to run on Embedded platforms. Solution sets are ready to be deployed in these robust environments, and are known as the Iconics Embedded Series. The Iconics Embedded Series has many configurations available, depending on which components are needed by the customer for any given application. These different product requirements may be influenced by product functionality and/or disk space limitations.

The Iconics Embedded Series takes all these requirements in consideration and can be installed to meet customer needs. It is a set of different products that install automatically in these environments. In addition, an advanced installation set is available to provide OEM customers the ability to custom install our Embedded Series components tailored to their specific needs.
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GENESIS32 Embedded

Embedded GENESIS32Embedded GENESIS32™ provides the scalability that is required for embedded devices. Customize the installation by choosing from over 125 components. Embedded GENESIS32 contains all of the components available in the standard GENESIS32 installation, but provides componentization for more flexible scalability. The default installation includes: Windows Script Control, Web Publishing Wizard, VBA 6.3, MDAC 2.7, MSJet, OLEDB, Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 1.2, Windows Scripting 5.6, and Unicode Fonts. Embedded GenBroker™ enables communications over TCP/IP, DCOM, or SOAP/XML. Also provides GenTray™ for launching GenBroker and Security.

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MachineWorX IconicsMachineWorX™ is designed for machine builders and OEMs serving all industries. If your application is process or discrete, ICONICS has the right automation product for you.

Machine builders and OEMs integrate MachineWorX into their product solutions to provide superior monitoring, control, alarming and real-time trending functionality. MachineWorX provides tools for building solutions tailored to the needs of machine builders, OEMs and integrators, enabling visualization, HMI, diagnostics and control of the overall machine operation. Fully integrated with industry standards such as OPC.

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