K series linear actuators

Universal solution for a multitude of rod-style actuator applications, up to 15 kN forces, 833 mm/s maximum speed, up to 1525mm stroke.

Medium force roller screw actuator

Series K ExlarThe K Series actuators from Exlar provide a truly universal solution for a multitude of rod-style actuator applications. Now available in 60, 75, and 90 mm frame sizes. Two grades of planetary roller screws, and other one of acme screw for low duty cycle applications, give you flexibility to select the configuration that is best suited for your application and budget. K series offers a maximum force up to 15 kN, speeds up to 833mm/s and strokes from 25mm to 1225mm (optional 1525mm).

pdf KX series, datasheet
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SeriesScrewForce cont. (N)Speed max. (mm/s)Stroke max. (mm)Life force max. (km)
KM60-05Exlar Std6000417122510.4
KX60-05Exlar HP6000417122541.7
KM60-10Exlar Std30008331225115.3
KX60-10Exlar HP30008331225461.4
KM75-05Exlar Std11100333122515.2
KX75-05Exlar HP11100333122560.7
KM75-10Exlar Std56006661225143.3
KX75-10Exlar HP56006661225573.3
KM90-05Exlar Std15600250122544.9
KX90-05Exlar HP156002501225179.6
KM90-10Exlar Std78005001225573.8
KX90-10Exlar HP780050012252295
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