FT series linear actuators

High forces linear actuator, up to 177 kN, maximum speed up to 1500 mm/s, strokes up to 2400mm, compatible with wide range of standard motors

High force roller screw actuator

Series FT ExlarThe FT Series actuators from Exlar® use a planetary roller screw mounted inside an extruded aluminum housing. These electric linear actuators are compatible with a wide range of standard motors. Motor mounting and gearing configurations are available to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. The standard product is offered in four frame sizes with standard stroke lengths up to 1219 mm and a load rating up to 177 kN. Optional configurations allow you to extend the stroke up to 2438 mm for even greater reach.

pdf FT series, datasheet
pdf FTX/FTP series, datasheet
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SeriesScrewForce max. (N)Speed max. (mm/s)Stroke max. (mm)Life force max. (km)
FT35-xx05Exlar Std220003731219225.6
FT35-xx05Exlar HP220003731219392
FT35-xx10Exlar Std220007501219359.4
FT35-xx10Exlar HP220007501219626
FT35-xx20Exlar Std2200015001219814.2
FT35-xx20Exlar HP22000150012191440
FT45-xx05Exlar Std445002921219144
FT45-xx05Exlar HP445002921219249.2
FT45-xx10Exlar Std445005831219280.9
FT45-xx10Exlar HP445005831219486.3
FT60-xx06Exlar Std890002011219104.8
FT60-xx06Exlar HP890002011219145.8
FT60-xx12Exlar Std890004011219133.1
FT60-xx12Exlar HP890004011219184.7
FT60-xx30Exlar Std8900010001219271.9
FT60-xx30Exlar HP8900010001219981.1
FT80-xx06Exlar Std177900175121949.3
FT80-xx06Exlar HP177900175121978.7
FT80-xx12Exlar Std177900351121964.9
FT80-xx12Exlar HP1779003511219111.4
FT80-xx30Exlar Std1779008751219127
FT80-xx30Exlar HP1779008751219414.3
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