Our company gave dimension to the dreams of those who began it. The fruit we will harvest day by day, by noting the respect and appreciation with which the clients speak of us. Our record endorses us.
The philosophy of the company involves the vision that its members share: ethical and responsible behaviour, capacity to agree on common goals, continuous recycling of the knowledge of each post, characteristics that provide a sense of identity and of belonging to the organisation.
We are committed to a flexible, dynamic and enterprising company, which undertakes new, exciting projects, through a technological activity that promotes economic and social progress of our environment and of our people, by a company that even in difficult times dedicates an important part of its resources to research, design and development of new technologies.
The influence of the work environment in the wellbeing and the productivity of the employees is a subject that is of increasing concern in modern life. According to recent studies, the place where the work is carried out has an important impact on the wellbeing of the workers and influences the degree of involvement in the company. From our offices, mountains and sea shape an idyllic landscape, apt to be contemplated in the silence that surrounds us. At Larraioz Elektronika the noise that we hear is not of motors or turbines, but rather that of the wind in spring or the falling of leaves in autumn. The body and, in particular, the brain need oxygen to work in optimal form. At Larraioz Elektronika we breathe air free of smoke and pollution.
An example of our contribution to sustainability:

  • Consumption of water from our own spring.
  • Recycling of organic waste in the company, elaboration of compost.
  • Selective collection of containers, glass and paper for recycling.
  • Selective collection of batteries or other discarded electronic elements.
  • Waste water treatment by decantation and biological filter in situ.
  • Shared use of vehicle in movements by employees.
  • Preservation of the park and protected species within an SCI zone.
  • Absorption of more than 40 tons/year of CO2 (estimated) by our own crops.
  • Self-supply of 35% of the energy consumption (in consolidation).

A full declaration of principles: to make moderate and rational use of the natural resources, creating solutions of leading-edge technology.


Primeras instalaciones de Larraioz Elektronika Larraioz Electrónica Industrial originated in the year 1988 with the aim of giving technological support to the Machine Tool manufacturers in the field of electronics and system programming.
In its first years of business, Larraioz collaborated closely with MT manufacturers for the incorporation of programmed logic systems (CNC and PLCs). It developed electronic systems based on microprocessors such as speed controls, axis positioners, viewers, etc. It helped in the incorporation of computers and software solutions in small and medium companies for the optimisation of manufacturing and control processes. Machine manufacturers that now have solid electronic and automation departments were assisted and trained by the Larraioz company in their early years.
Larraioz Elektronika, in its desire for innovation, has always worked with the most leading-edge solutions of industrial automation. Systems that now are popularised were presented years ago to the clients as a result of its acute vision of the future. And it has been one of the first firms to introduce in the market, years ago, concepts such as Mechatronics, Robotics, Motion, Servodrives, decentralised I/O, HMI, Embedded or Real Time CPU. The sum of products of recognised quality and prestige, many of them of our own design and manufacture, along with a great knowledge and support on them, allows evolving and always being in the lead in the new fields of automation.
After more than 28 years, Larraioz is an experienced company but with a young spirit, with great prestige in the market as supplier of industrial automation solutions, mechatronics and robotics, and a broad knowledge of the newest technologies and of the different technological sectors in which they are applied, managing to contribute “engineering” to machinery manufacturers as diverse as those of machine tool, automobiles, aeronautics, containers and packaging, printing, energy, chemistry, food and beverages, etc. With more than 60% of the resources dedicated to R&D&I, nowadays Larraioz Elektronika is a leader in “automation of machines and processes”, providing design and application of new technologies of hardware and software to the increasingly more complex branches of the industry.


Francisco Aristeguieta
Donostia, 26 de Febrero de 1922 – Madrid, 24 de Enero de 2010
One of the driving forces of the creation of the National Technological University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, taught in the Instituto Industrial Luis A. Huergo, designed the Electronics course in CEAC distance academies, and wrote books on different subjects.
In those of us who had the good fortune to know him,he always awoke an eagerness for knowledge and creative thinking open to the future. With the desire of keeping his memory alive, for his dedication and immense contribution to our professional and personal growth, for the achievements, teachings and all the shared moments, in homage to the person who dedicated his life to the education of young people, it is the intention of Larraioz Elektronika and the team that comprises it to reflect his name in a durable way in its new installations, the Francisco Aristeguieta Centro Tecnológico.
In the year 2013, Larraioz Elektronika increased its productive and service capacity with its new facilities in the F.A.C.T. building. This building, of 3,000 m2 was designed with energy efficiency criteria and is equipped with the latest technological advances with respect to home automation systems and security. The F.A.C.T. is located in the town of Aia, at kilometre 2.2 on the Zarautz – Urdaneta highway and a short kilometre from the Industrial Park of Abendaño, in Zarautz. Well communicated by highway, the facilities are located in a privileged natural setting, between mountain and sea.
Thanks to the ecological awareness of the Larraioz Elektronika team, the entire building and the rest of the surrounding area was projected with the strictest criteria in energy efficiency and protection of the environment.
The principal floors, of 1,000 m2 each, are diaphanous spaces, without heavy divisions in their interior. The large glazed surfaces, more than 50% of the surface area of the façade, with glass with high solar thermal insulation control, guarantee excellent luminosity in the work stations of the different departments during almost all the work hours, even in winter, without the need for artificial lighting. The rest of the surface is constructed with ventilated façade of ceramic material that provides the highest degree of efficiency in the proper thermal adjustment of the interior. The renovation of the interior air is done by the non-forced cross ventilation between the different openings in the North-South and the East-West façades; there is no costly installation and inefficient air conditioning and forced ventilation systems but rather clean and natural air currents of the mountain and sea. The heating is done by radiant flooring and gas boilers, one of the heating systems with the lowest energy and environmental costs of the market. The entire lighting system, both interior and exterior, is of low consumption and high efficiency.
The intelligence of the building is managed by MIPC control equipment designed and manufactured by Larraioz Elektronika. The proprietary software, created internally in the company, allows reaching levels of integration hard to achieve with standard commercial products of the market. With complete redundancy for greater security,multiple equipment installations monitor, collect, interpret and act to achieve, according to the occupancy and uses, the highest levels of efficiency in lighting, heating, energy consumption, accesses and security, among others.
The F.A.C.T. installations are complemented by six hectares of forests of different species, of deciduous as well as perennial trees that surround the main building, pine, oak, beech, cork oak, walnut, chestnut, apple, cherry… Larraioz Elektronika does not economically exploit the forest resources that it possesses; it is a contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and it compensates by absorbing far more CO2 emissions than those generated with its energy consumption of electricity, gas and fuel in the vehicle movements of the personnel to their jobs.
With its new facilities of the Francisco Aristeguieta Centro Tecnológico, Larraioz Elektronika wants to make it clear that the carrying out of industrial business activities and high technology is perfectly compatible with the preservation of the environment. This is why Larraioz Elektronika is a company committed to Green Automation.
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