CODESYS Visualization

Creation of professional visualization interfaces fully integrated in the PLC development system – Display on PCs, target devices, and in web browsers

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CODESYS Visualization – Development of HMI Screens directly in the IEC 61131-3 Development Environment

Developing a human machine interface (HMI) and a PLC application in one and the same IEC 61131-3 development system: Over the past ten years, the CODESYS Visualization has proven itself in thousands of industrial machine and plan applications around the world.


  •  CODESYS contains an integrated visualization editor
    ⇒ Visualization screens of different complexity, on the basis of available visualization elements
  • Developing the visualization in parallel to the PLC program 
    ⇒ All work is done in the familiar PLC development environment interface
  • Simplified Engineering
    ⇒ Direct access to all application variables, due to the full integration in the IEC 61131-3 Development System, no tag list comparison required. Application and visualization are supervised simultaneously.
  • Visualization screens for machine and plant operation, for testing and commissioning
    ⇒ The created visualization screens can be reused for other tasks as often as required.
  • Display and operation on different visualization clients with the same data
    ⇒ Absolute flexibility, execution on all sorts of clients, for example on the PLC Development System, on the PLC itself, on the internet browser (on tablets and smartphones with HTML5) or on a remote PC and if desired on different client platforms simultaneously
  • Extended functionality due to the integration in the IEC 61131-3 development software
    ⇒ e.g. “FB instances“ from visualizations, array access from visualizations, real time data recording, extendable pool of visualization elements, call of PLC functions from the visualization etc.

Different Visualization Clients with only one Data Source

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CODESYS Visualization offers:

  • The standard functionality of a visualization system
  • Extended functionality, made possible by the integration into the PLC development system

Short Overview of the Functionality

Professional Controls

Create modern and professional visualization screens in no time using specialized visualization elements.  Or use the available generic elements and flexibly customize them to suit your needs.

Integrated Development

With a few mouse clicks only and using the PLC variables the visualization elements can be animated to perform simple movements or provide multitouch functionality. The created visualization screens can easily be compared with other projects using the CODESYS project comparison.

Integrated Alarm Management

Based on the PLC variables, you can divide critical conditions for production, machine or operation into classes, groups and types, have them displayed in the visualization and then react accordingly.

Comprehensive User Management

All user interface items down to individual visualization elements can be conveniently managed based on access rights for individual users or user groups. The offered login functionality, password management and user management is also available in the online mode.

User friendly Style Switch

Deposit the graphical information of your visualization elements and your visualization screens in style definitions.  This makes it possible to change the whole project to the look and feel of your customer by simply changing the style.

Smart Reusability

Deposit complete visualization screens in libraries for reusability. With the parameter interface the created visualization objects can be used as flexibly as IEC 61131-3 function blocks.

Language Switch/Images/Unit Conversion

Images and texts are administered in lists. Pixel graphics (JPG, PNG, GIF etc.) or vector graphics (SVG) for example can be referenced / embedded and used for the creation of the user interface. The statically and dynamically deposited elements can therefore easily be accessed. The text lists can be made available to external team members for translation using the export/import functionality. The visualization can be translated and displayed in all languages using the Unicode data format. Together with the language switch you can also have units automatically converted for the entry and display of values.

Slim Modules for Data Recording

For a quick overview: Monitor and record the process data of your machine or plant using the trace, histogram or trend functionalities

Flexible Communication Concept

The CODESYS Data Server gives you a whole range of different possibilities: Visualization of several controllers in one project or displaying the screens of one project on several different display devices.

 Available Clients

  • Client in the development environment CODESYS Development System, e.g. for testing, service or diagnostic purposes while connected to the controller
  • CODESYS Web Visualization: The web browser communicates with the web server of the controller via Java script and displays the visualization with responsive design using HTML5 CanvasElement. This technology is supported by most browsers and is also available for iOS and Android.
  • CODESYS TargetVisualization: A driver for an internal or external display turns the controller itself into a client: Controller and visualization on one device
  • CODESYS HMI: A portable client makes it possible to display the visualization screens on remote displays for example under Windows or Linux.


How can you obtain CODESYS Visualization?

  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like: All you need is a controller programmable with CODESYS (for example from the CODESYS Device Directory) or the SoftPLC CODESYS Control RTE.
  • Visualization in the CODESYS Development System: Development of the visualization screens, operation of the controller with the integrated client in CODESYS, for example when testing the application or during the commissioning process. CODESYS is free of charge – no license required for application development.
  • CODESYS HMI: The screens are displayed on a PC or, if required, on a remote PC. CODESYS HMI is licensed per workstation. A trial version is included in the standard CODESYS setup.
  • Controller with CODESYS TargetVisu: The screens are displayed on an internal or an external display. The required visualization license is already included in the target device.
  • Controller with CODESYS WebVisu: Display on any browser in the network. The required visualization license is already included in the target device.
  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices: Implement the CODESYS Control runtime system with the options CODESYS TargetVisu or CODESYS WebVisu on your device.

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