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IEC 61131-3 applications professionally engineered by technicians and software engineers – from LD to UML in one extendable platform

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CODESYS – The IEC 61131-3 engineering platform for industrial automation

The IEC 61131-3 Development System CODESYS for programming intelligent automation devices is the heart of the engineering platform. The software offers a variety of user-friendly engineering functions to make your development process faster and more efficient.

The integrated engineering functions in CODESYS can seamlessly be expanded with the CODESYS Automation Platform. Using the provided Software Development Kit (SDK) you can develop your own plug-ins under .NET and integrate them into the system.

Add-on tools offered by the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition will help you develop professional IEC 61131-3 applications. These tools, which are directly integrated in the controller development system, provide functionalities well-known from high-level language programming.
The CODESYS Application Composer adds a user-friendly application layer to the IEC 61131-3 development system. Using ready made modules, you can compose complete machine or plant applications via drag and drop and then generate structured IEC 61131-3 program code in a click.

Machines and plants with strict redundancy requirements need a redundant controller architecture. With the CODESYS Redundancy Toolkit you can develop CODESYS controllers which run in parallel and supervise each other.

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