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The value of complete planning of the needs to stockpile materials is never doubted when optimally managing the construction of a machine, production line or process control system. But it is also evident that it is not always possible, or that there are external factors that disrupt the previously outlined plans. The final client increases its demands for the delivery of machines, it wants to speed up the delivery of the new machine, last minute changes, etc. To this, one always has to add incidents such as breakdowns or damage of a machine that is already operative and producing.


In its desire to give a better solution, both to the machine manufacturingclient as well as to the final client that has automated machines with B&R components, Larraioz Elektronika has an extensive stock of materials and components of different B&R product lines, both current and obsolete. With little more than a simple telephone call, the logistics department of Larraioz Elektronika has the capacity to send on the same day B&R materials necessary to continue the manufacturing of the machine or to replace a damaged component that paralyses a production of the final client.


In the warehouses of Larraioz Elektronika there is a multitude of codes that have great demand among the usual clients, such as: ACOPOS servodrivers, 8MSA and 8LSA motors, X20 and X67 modules, and PowerPanel300 and PowerPanel400 controls with integrated viewing, among many others.


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