Powerful department to manage assistances and damage items repairments.

Servicios B and R

On most occasions, a breakdown of a component of a machine that is in full production is a big problem. In the case where the client has alternative productive capacity, such as another line of machines for the same type of process, this type of incident causes at least changes in planning not easy to carry out without a penalty in the pace of the work or in quality control. On many occasions the reality is much worse and it is not possible to find a quick substitute to an impaired machine or line. In the first case, a rapid repair or replacement of the damaged component is a very good solution, in the second, it is probably the only one.


Larraioz Elektronika has a strong technical service department for assistance and repair of damaged components. An experienced team makes a quick evaluation of the breakdown of the B&R component and proposes solutions to the client with the speed necessary in these situations. By means of a repair estimate, or of replacement of an alternative compatible product in case of the repair is not being possible, Larraioz Elektronika looks for a response for the client who cannot wait.


The technical service department of Larraioz Elektronika has ample experience in repairs. In its facilities, in addition, it has a large variety of B&R components of any type, both current and obsolete. A rapid response can be provided to the repair of ACOPOS servodrives and motors, controls with PowerPanel viewing of the different series, modules of the B&R2003 and B&R2005 computer lines and industrial PROVIT, IPC2000, IPC5000, APC, PPC displays, etc.

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