Obsolete elements

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B and R productos obsoletos

From the origins of the B&R company, it has introduced in the market many hardware and software platforms. The evolution of technology and the end of the commercial life of the electronic components oblige firms to set a deadline in the mass availability of these platforms. Once that date is reached the product line passes to a state of obsolescence that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get replacement components compatible with parts installed in machines that can be necessary to substitute due to breakdown.


Larraioz Elektronika understands perfectly the problem that a situation of an obsolete product may cause the machine owner or the machine manufacturer who wants to provide a quality solution to the client. Both through the SAT department and with the extensive stock of discontinued products, Larraioz Elektronika seeks a quick response to the problem that the stoppage of a machine and production supposes due to the breakage of components no longer available on the market.


A multitude of references of different B&R families are found catalogued and available in Larraioz Elektronika’s warehouse, such as the classic black line with MULTICONTROL, MIDICONTROL and MINICONTROL, intelligent families such as MAESTRO and HCMAC; BRRTM and PROVIT viewing, the IPC2000 and IPC5000 industrial computers, the HMI modular line PANELWARE, or the B&R2000 blue lines such as B&R2010, B&R2005 and B&R2003.

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