Those who know us, you know that Larraioz Elektronika is been offering automation solutions, mechatronics and industrial robots since 1988. You also know that our steady growth has been possible thanks to the trust you have in our work.

This year we would like to share with you an idea: long lasting affection; the very same that bonds us for many year. That is why we would like to offer you a mint seeds, a perennial and aromatic flower, and that the flower meaning expresses firm love against adversity. In fact, it grows even in the most unfavorable conditions. It is sowed at the beginning of the year and it blossoms, not without certain care and effort, in spring.

It is a plant that adapts to any different type of soil, although it prefers wet soil and it doesn´t need a lot of sunlight -like us, the Basque 😉
In addition to being an easy to grow and maintain plant, it is also very grateful. If we added to our diet, it would offer us great benefits.

Siembra menta 2017
That being said, we invite you to grow this plant in which our work is reflected, by following these tips:

1- Wait until the end of 2016 and celebrate enthusiastically the New Year.
2- Put into practice the new year’s resolution – we can´t help you writing a book or having a baby 😉
3- Passed the first month of 2017, put the seeds into a flowerpot.
4- Grow in a cool, moist environment.
5- Water regularly but be weary not to flood them.
6- We must keep up our efforts and continue watering.
7- Winter is long… Continue watering!
8- When spring comes enjoy the well done work.
9- Well cared for, paying attention and assessing to their needs, it will last for a lifetime.
10- Give mint cuttings to assure its proliferation.

We are looking forward to receiving photos o enjoying an infusion. And of course, we hope to continue sharing with you projects and dreams. Thank you so much!