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A&R: customised industrial control solutions

For nearly 30 years, Larraioz Elektronika has designed, manufactured, distributed and supported an important range of industrial electronic devices.

During recent years there has been a surge of embedded solutions and personalised equipment in the machine manufacturing clients of large series who consider with noticeable interest the possession of a customised automation, control, viewing and motion solution.

The competitive advantage of A&R

There are many advantages that our clients find in this type of solution:

  • Personalised device: the final client does not perceive it as a commercial product, but rather as typical of a great firm with capacity to have its own line of automation equipment.
  • Hardware requirements: the system has all the peripherals necessary for the formulation of the machine.
  • Adjusted cost: there are no extra economic charges for unnecessary devices or the need for amortisation of components that are not implemented.
  • Market of after-sales service: it is not a commercial product. The machinery manufacturing client controls the amount of service and spare parts.
  • Protection against product obsolescence: the client defines the useful productive life of the equipment and it is designed and planned with this premise.

Further information on A&R


Personalised industrial controllers, customised CPUs with or without displays


Hygienic industrial controllers, with high IP protection and stainless steel finishes.


Button with capacitive technology and lighted indication, can be integrated with MIPC and HIPC.


Control system for deformation process: stamping, treading, punching, pressing, etc.

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